Break Pad Manufacturing Plant

27 March 2023

March 22, 2023

Site: Break Pad Manufacturing Plant

Year: 2022

In collaboration with our exclusive distributor in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, COVSPOL company (VEOLIA group), we have carried out an extraordinary project.

In order to treat odors coming from 26 stacks:

  • 18 production furnace stacks (inside the production building)
  • 8 dust filter stacks (outside the building)

We installed eight VS200P cabinets (3 nozzles) and two VS200 P cabinets (2 nozzles). 26 spray nozzles in total.

These 316 stainless steel nozzles are installed before the fans. Operation of the cabinets is integrated with the customer’s control and data acquisition system (SCADA).

The air and reagent supply pipes were thermally insulated (installation of a heating cable and insulating foam) to treat 8 external stacks.

This treatment consists of spraying an odor neutralizing reagent at a low flow rate (approximately 50 ml/hour/nozzle). The odor neutralizing reagent and the concentration were validated by a study carried out by an external laboratory. The odor reduction efficiency is 84%.

The reagent was developed by our laboratory. It is a complex of natural and synthetic essential oils. This mixture of aldehydes and ketones with reactive chemical functions has properties that make it possible to neutralize the gases present in these stacks.