Odor Neutralization of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in the New Aquitaine Region

2 May 2022

Year: 2021
Site: Wastewater treatment plant in the New Aquitaine Region
Plant capacity: 2 000 inhabitants equivalent

Odor treatment:
Installation of a 50-meter high-pressure ramp to eliminate wastewater odors generated by the aeration basin and the pre-treatment basin.
The 50 meters of high pressure stainless steel ramp are installed on the perimeter of the aeration and pre-treatment basins.
High-pressure spraying of a low concentration odor neutralizer ensures neutralization of odors at the source (basins) before any dispersion phase (residents).
The reagent formulation was specifically adapted to the encountered odor problem.
The engineering systems are controlled by a weather station. This control optimizes the operation of our engineering systems. Indeed, it makes it possible to start the system only when it is necessary (reduction of reagent, water and electricity consumption).