Decontamination of Lubrizol Site in Rouen (2019 and 2020)

Lubrizol is WESTRAND‘s longtime client

WESTRAND has been deodorizing vent collection systems of storage tanks for several years using the dry vapor technique as well as several VS10 cabinets.
In addition, we also reduce gas scrubber odors by incorporating a specific odor neutralizer directly into the water of the gas scrubber.

Fire, September 26, 2019

Before we took actions, fog cannons of very high water flow were installed in emergency generating a mixture of hydrocarbon liquid on the ground, a lot of runoffs and, in fact, a specific re-processing of these flows.
The products of fire extinguishing as well as chemical leaks ended up in a dock of the Seine River near the site, along the quay de France.

Reduction of odors at LUBRIZOL after the fire

WESTRAND provided emergency services for LUBRIZOL together with a company in charge of pumping products and cleaning of the banks using our AIRHITONE NVG Broyé P gel. Products neutralizing odors and acting on contact with air were placed every meter along the bank of the Seine, with 50g per meter, offering a treatment time of approximately one week.

Installation of an anti-odor ramp

One month after the fire WESTRAND installed a 700-meter stainless-steel high-pressure ramp in the affected area as a first step.

Deodorization at a containment tent

At the beginning of October, we took action at the tent installed for containment of barrels with specific and odorous products. We performed a deodorization using the technique of dry vapor with the help of VS200 cabinets and a fan of 6 700 m3/h. WESTRAND accompanied LUBRIZOL during the entire period of barrels treatment, i.e. nearly 5 months.

Installation of deodorization cannons

In Spring, when the temperature went up, we installed 2 long-range deodorization cannons with moderate flow in order to obtain lower temperatures and control of odor reduction in the affected area.

Reduction of odors at the deconstruction and dismantling site.

WESTRAND now supports the recultivation site of the affected area for a period of around 3 months.

Maintenance of deodorization solutions

WESTRAND technical teams provide monitoring and maintenance of the installations to ensure a non-stop operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.