Odor Neutralization for the Prague Wastewater Treatment Plant (Czech Republic)

Year: 2021

Site: the Prague Wastewater Treatment plant (Czech Republic)

The Prague Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (PCWTP) is installed on the Emperor’s Island (Cisarsky Ostrov) next to the Vlatva river. This plant was built in 1966 and used to be one of the largest and modern treatment plants in Europe at that time. It undergone several expansions and modernizations (1980, 1995, 2011) and its complete redesign was performed in 2014. The PCWTP is a mechanical-chemical-biological plant.

  • Incoming flow: 350 000 m3/day
  • Amount of generated sludge: 75 000 tons / year

Odor treatment:

In collaboration with our distributor COVSPOL situated in Slovakia, we implemented treatments in order to neutralize the odors coming from :

  • Storage of dewatered sludge bins
  • Biofilter connected to 4 tanks (sludge digesters)

We installed :

  • Storage of dewatered sludge bins:Dry vapor treatment of odor nuisances. Vaporization of an odor neutralizing reagent at a low flow rate (about 100 ml/hour/nozzle). Diffusion is performed with a cannon (flow rate: 170 000 m3/h). The cannon and our VS200 P cabinet (2 nozzles) are installed on a trailer.Implementation of this treatment provides nuisance neutralization of the tanks storage area.
  • Biofilter: We also implemented a dry vapor treatment in order to neutralize stale air before it enters the biofilter. Thus, by spraying a neutralizing product at a low flow rate, we can relieve the work of the biofilter and ensure an odor reduction at the source before the dispersion phase (biofilter outlet).