Sewage sludge drying greenhouses in the Grand-Est region

Year: 2021


  • 2 solar sludge drying greenhouses
  • Dimensions: 40 x 13 x 5 m (per greenhouse)
  • Air inlet: 1 louver (per greenhouse)
  • Air extraction: 3 fans of 22,500 m3/h (per greenhouse)

Odor treatment:

  • Installation of two VS200 P type dry-vapor cabinets: 1 cabinet per greenhouse to treat odor nuisance at its source (inside the greenhouse) before its dispersion (extraction).
  • For each greenhouse: 1 spray nozzle attached to the fresh air inlet louver; 1 nozzle installed at ¾ of the greenhouse (before extraction).
  • Spraying with a neutralizing agent reduces the level of odor in the greenhouse before the stale air exits through the extractors.