Household Waste Incineration Plant in the Grand-Est Region

14 November 2022

Year: 2022

Site: Household Waste Incineration Plant in the Grand-Est region

Every year the plant is shut down for 2 months (June and September) in order to perform all the maintenance operations necessary for its proper functioning.

During these technical shutdowns, a control of odors at their source was requested in order to avoid odorous leaks outside the plant.

Odor treatment:

We have implemented a solution to treat the volume of stale air at the source (reception pit). Spraying of an odor neutralizing reagent at a low flow rate (about 60 ml/h) and adapted to the encountered odor ensures total control of odor nuisances.

The engineering consists of 1 dry-steam VS200 P cabinet which feeds 1 nozzle. The reagent is diffused by a fan at 6,700 m3/h.

This simple treatment provides odor control at its source before any dispersion phase (local residents)