Odor Treatment at PESCAVE Factory in Treto, Spain

21 January 2022

Year: 2021

Implemented odor treatment:

  • Odor neutralization using the dry-vapor technique in the chimney (flow rate: 2,780 m3/h) of a fish oil and fish meal production plant in the Cantabire region of Spain with our partner Biolfactive. Usually in the morning, the plant collects residues, waste (carcasses, heads, viceroys, etc.) as well as unsold fish and shellfish. This new raw material is used to extract and manufacture fish oil and fish meal on two different production lines. The final product is used in fish farming, cosmetics and food supplements.

Our odor nuisance neutralization engineering includes installation of a VS200 cabinet supplying 1 dual-fluid nozzle in order to continuously treat the flow of stale air from the plant. This equipment only requires an electrical supply and offers a great autonomy of treatment with little maintenance. Dry-vapor technology also eliminates the risk of frost and winterization. The system is controlled using a clock in order to run the treatment only when the plant’s activity generates odors and thus to protect residents and surrounding factories from odor nuisance that may occur.