Odor Nuisance Treatment at LEA LASCARAY Factory in Vitoria (Spain)

21 January 2022

Year: 2021

Site: LEA LASCARAY factory in Vitoria (Spain)

Implemented odor treatment:

  • Treatment of odor nuisance by incorporating one of our reagents in two air-cooling towers of a foam and shaving cream manufacturing plant in the Basque Country region of Spain together with our partner Biolfactive.
  • Implementation of a treatment by incorporation using two dosing pumps in order to neutralize the odors released by two air-cooling towers. This equipment only requires an electrical supply and offers a great autonomy of treatment with little maintenance. Laboratory tests had been carried out preliminarily to determine the most suitable formulation to reduce the odors in question. These laboratory tests also allowed to determine the persistence of the necessary treatment in relation to the process and the customer’s needs.
  • A chock treatment was manually performed during commissioning
  • As the plant operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the treatment is continuous.

Technical data :

  • Air-cooling tower N°4:
  • Odor type: Glycerin
  • Volume of recirculated water: 10 m3
  • Recirculation flow rate: 120 m3/h
  • Volume of water renewed in the winter: 1m3/day
  • Volume of water renewed in the summer: 20m3
  • Air-cooling tower N°5
  • Glycerin and fatty acids
  • Volume of recirculated water: 1m3
  • Recirculation flow rate: 11m3/h