Organic Waste Recovery Center in France

22 December 2020

Capacity: 80 000 t/year

The site receives the waste collected in household garbage bins and transforms the organic matter it is made from into compost. The site works in the following way:

Waste reception – unloading into the reception area
Preparation – introducing the waste into a bioreactor to humidify and ventilate it allows to initiate the degradation of organic components
Sorting – allows to separate degradable and non-degradable elements
Fermentation – a 4-week process that ensures the material being turned over and ventilated.
Maturation and storage – a 6-week process when the compost is no longer being manipulated.

All the areas are situated in closed buildings.
Stale air from the different areas is sucked in and treated by 3 covered biofilters.

We operate with biofilter N°3 that recovers the stale air from the following areas:
Waste reception area
Preparation area
Sorting area.


Biofilter surface: 400 m2

Flow rate : 77 000 m3/h

We have implemented a dry vapor technique treatment: continuous vaporization of a pure reagent (without water) in the form of gas and at a low rate under the cover of the biofilter.
The engineering consists of one VS200 P cabinet (1 nozzle).
The nozzle is installed at the inlet of the biofilter. Circulation of air through the cover allows diffusion of our reagent and causes the saturation of the stale air.

This treatment ensures odor neutralizing at the source (under the cover) before its dispersion (extraction through a chimney)