Textile products manufacturing plant in the Grand-Est region

24 July 2023

Site: Textile products manufacturing plant in the Grand-Est region
Year: 2023

Our client is a long-standing major player in French textile products manufacturing. At its production site situated in the Grand-Est region, in the city center, local residents complain about the odors coming from the wastewater treatment plant.

Odor treatment:
In order to contain the odors emitted by sulfur compounds from the process water, we have installed a 60 m high-pressure spray ramp. This ramp feeds 40 spray nozzles. The ramp is installed around the basins and allows to control dispersion of odors.

The odor neutralizing reagent sprayed at low concentration (0.1%) is adapted to the odorous compounds encountered (sulfur, colorant odor).

We have also made some adjustments in order to meet our customers’ requirements: Reducing concentration of essential oils. Reducing misting by installing a sequencer.

This odor treatment system neutralizes odors at their source and will soon be linked to a weather station to make it totally independent.