Treatment Plant in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

Year: 2021

Site: Treatment Plant in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

Plant capacity: 35 400 population equivalents

Nominal flow rate during dry weather: 7 350 m3/d

Odor Treatment:

  • Dry-vapor deodorization of a treatment plant in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.
  • The treatment consists of installing a VS10 cabinet at the plant.
  • Dry-vapor technology eliminates the risk of freezing and wintering.

The cabinet was installed in the wastewater treatment building. It is connected directly to the fresh air supply duct downstream of the fan. Fresh air is used as a vector to diffuse dry vapor throughout the ventilation ductwork and thus to neutralize odor nuisance of all the buildings and covered tanks of the plant. The cabinet is controlled with the help of a clock so that the treatment is performed only when the plant emits odors that allows to protect local residents, walkers (hiking trail departure, hospital, parking, and beach adjacent to the treatment plant) as well as the employees from possible odor nuisance.