Treatment Plant in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

Year: 2021


Plant capacity: 2 000 population equivalents

Odor Treatment:

  • Installation of a 50m high-pressure ramp in order to reduce wastewater odors generated by the aeration tank as well as by the pre-treatment tank. The 50 meters of the high-pressure stainless steel ramp are installed around the perimeter of the aeration and pre-treatment tanks.
  • High-pressure spraying of a low concentration odor neutralizer ensures neutralization of odors at the source (tanks) before any dispersion phase (residents).
  • The formula of the applied reagent was specifically adapted to the encountered odor issue.
  • The engineering solution is controlled by a weather station that allows the odor treatment to be operated only when the winds are unfavorable for nearby residents.
  • This automatic control provides the customer with an optimization of reagent consumption.