Waste-to-Energy Plant in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Year: 2022

In 2021, our client recovered about 190,000 tons of waste into thermal and electrical energy. The share of household waste is about 60%.
The plant is shut down every year for one month (June) in order to carry out all the maintenance operations necessary for its proper functioning.
During this technical stop, extraction of stale air from the household waste pit is no longer operational.
Odor treatment:
We have implemented a solution in order to treat stale air at its source (reception pit). Spraying odor neutralizing reagent at low flow rate (about 60 ml/h) that is adapted to the encountered odor ensures a total control of the olfactory nuisances despite the shutdown of the extraction system. The engineering solution consists of one VS200 P dry-steam cabinet which feeds 1 nozzle. The reagent is diffused by a 6,700 m3/h fan.