Animal protein production plant in Germany

29 April 2024

Year: 2024

Site: In partnership with our German distributor, POLYCHEMIE (a subsidiary of the French SNF group), we have set up various treatments at a manufacturer based in northern Germany.
This manufacturer produces raw materials derived from porcine blood in the form of dehydrated powder. The finished products include:
Dehydrated blood plasma (white powder)
Dehydrated hemoglobin (brown powder)

These products contain 80 to 92% protein and will be used in the production of pet food.

Odors treatment implemented :
To address olfactory nuisances stemming from various sources, we have set up 3 treatments:

Treatment through the incorporation of an INHITONE into the wastewater of the wastewater treatment plant: The site’s wastewater treatment plant is housed within a closed building. Significant nuisances are emitted within the building when the lifting pumps start.

We have installed 2 incorporation systems to treat the two wastewater streams arriving at the plant. Our installations are linked to the lifting pumps to precisely treat the quantity of wastewater. The use of an electric dosing pump ensures precise dosing of our odor-neutralizing reagent.

Steam-dry treatment of the treatment plant’s main door: When the door to the treatment plant is opened (due to the back and forth movement inherent in the process), persistent odors (grease traps, rejects, etc.) escape from the building.

The installation of a steam-drying ramp controlled by the door opening creates an anti-odor barrier between the source (building) and dispersion (neighborhood). Our odor neutralizer is vaporized at a very low flow rate (around 30 ml/h).

Treatment of the dehydration process chimney: Installation of a VS200 P dry-steam cabinet (1 nozzle) to treat odors escaping from the dewatering process stack. Our odor-neutralizing reagent is vaporized at a very low flow rate (approx. 40 ml/h). Thus, we ensure treatment at the source (in the chimney) before the dispersion phase (neighborhood).