Center for Recovery and Recycling of Various Products in the Grand-Est Region

25 June 2021

Site: a center for recovery and recycling of various products in the Grand-Est region.

Our customer operates in the sphere of recovery and recycling of various products, in particular scrap / metal products.

A part of the process involves treatment of materials (cast iron and aluminum) full of cutting oil. These materials are stored in two indoor areas.

Tonnage: reception of 400 t / month
The temperature of the stored material rises (80°C) naturally (aluminum shavings). The heat causes cutting oil evaporation and generates odors. Loading procedure (an excavator) generates odor nuisance as well.

Odor treatment:

We implemented deodorization by air treatment using industrial spraying of an odor neutralizer (particals’ size <12µ) at a low concentration.

Installation of 90 m of high-pressure stainless -steel 316 ramps that supply 60 nozzles with 5 liters / hour.

The installation is controlled by a weather station (direction, wind speed, temperature). This weather station provides data to the customer’s control center.

The objective is to treat the odors at the source (storage and loading) before any dispersion (residents)