Cheese dairy in the Pays de la Loire region

29 April 2024

Year : 2023

Site : Wastewater treatment plant buffer tank
Tank perimeter: 90 m

Odors treatment implemented :
In order to reduce the odors emanating from the buffer tank, we have implemented a high-pressure spray system. This involves installing a 90-meter-long 316 stainless steel ramp (the perimeter of the tank) that supplies 60 nozzles (distance between each nozzle: 1.5 meters). The installation is connected to a weather station to treat only when necessary (wind in the direction of the neighbors).

The odor neutralizing reagent has been tailor-made to obtain optimum results on odors from process water. It is sprayed at low concentration (0.10% with water).

The idea is to create an anti-odour barrier between the source (pond) and dispersion (local residents).