Composting Platform in the Grand-Est Region

3 February 2022

Year: 2021

Our customer is a leading player in the recovery of organic waste from soil. Three types of waste are delivered to the platform:

  • Organic waste
  • Treatment plant sludge (communities, agricultural and food industries)
  • Bio-waste (waste from food production, sale or distribution)

Implemented Odor Treatment :

  • Treatment of odor nuisances by industrial spraying of an odor neutralizer at a low concentration. Installation of a high-pressure spray ramp in order to treat 2 main odor sources of the platform
  • Windrow fermentation area: 70 meters of a high-pressure ramp
  • Runoff water storage lagoons: 125 meters of a high-pressure ramp
  • Windrow fermentation area: installation of a ramp at a height of about 3 meters. The spray nozzles are placed at 1.5 m intervals and create an odor barrier.
  • Runoff water storage lagoons: we surroundedthe perimeter of 2 lagoons. The 125-meter ramp was installed at a height of about 80 cm (extension of the lagoon slope).

The installation is controlled by a weather station (wind direction and speed, temperature, defined time slots) in order to treat odors only when necessary. The applied neutralizing reagent was specifically created to treat the odors encountered on the site.