Fish products processing plant in Sardinia (Italy)

1 December 2023

Site: Fish products processing plant in Sardinia (Italy)

Year: 2023

Our client is a major player in manufacturing of fish-based food products for mass distribution. The plant located in Sardinia is specialized in manufacturing of high quality products. The source to be treated is a chimney that gathers the extraction of a fish food production building. In fact, the fish waste is reused to manufacture fish food.

Odor treatment:

We have installed a treatment using steam-dry technique in order to treat the odors coming from this chimney. Spraying of an odor neutralizer at a low flow rate (about 60 ml/h) ensures neutralization of odor nuisances at the source before dispersion (neighborhood).

The engineering solution consists of a VS200 cabinet with 1 nozzle. This nozzle is installed before the chimney extractor.