Household Waste Incineration Plant in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

22 December 2020

Maximum capacity: 76 000 tons per year

The plant schedules two technical shutdowns per year: one is in April and the other one is in September. During these shutdowns not burned household waste is stocked in bales in a closed building. These bales are then incinerated between May and February.

We operate in order to neutralize the odors of the two buildings:
Bales storage building (surface area of 3 000 m2)
The household waste collection pit.

The concept is the same: dry vapor treatment. Vaporization of a pure reagent (without water) at a low rate. Engineering:

For the household waste bales storage building:
Qty 2 of VS200 P cabinets (2 nozzles)
Qty 4 of fans 6700 m3/h

For the building receiving household wastes:
Qty 1 of VS200 P cabinets (1 nozzle)
Qty 1 of fans 6700 m3/h

Vaporization of the pure reagent at a low rate allows the treatment of stale air at the source (buildings volume) before dispersion (opening of doors).