Methanization plant

3 February 2022

Year: 2021

Technical data:

  • Incoming waste: 37 000 tons/ year
  • 23 000 tons of cattle manure,
  • 1 400 tons of poultry manure
  • 2 800 tons of grain sorting difference coming from agricultural cooperative Cavac,
  • 6 500 tons of white water and flotation grease coming from the water treatment plant shared by Agrial and Bonilait.
  • Some occasional products

Implemented Odor Treatment :

  • Odor neutralization of a process building using industrial spraying of an odor neutralizing reagent. This building contains a grinder and two conveyors of organic material that feed a mixing tank. 6 misting heads are installed above these odor sources.
  • Spraying odor neutralizer at a low concentration reduces odors at their source (inside the building) before any phase of dispersion (residents) during the stage of organic waste grinding (manure, vegetable residues, corn shreds, etc.)
  • The formulation of the applied neutralizing reagent was specifically adapted to the encountered odor issue.
  • The engineering solutions only function during two daily stages of organic material grinding. This control provides the customer with an optimization of reagent and water consumption. The installation can also be operated with predefined time slots.