Soil Decontamination Site of a Former Gas Plant in Downtown Toulon

27 March 2023

March 22, 2023

Site: Soil decontamination site of a former gas plant in downtown Toulon

Year: 2022

Odor Treatment:

In order to control odor emissions during excavation of polluted soil, we have set up an odor barrier between the source (excavation area) and the dispersion (local residents).  This barrier consists of a high-pressure spray bar of 300 linear meters. The spray bar is made of 316 stainless steel and feeds 200 misting nozzles. (Flow rate of 1 nozzle: 5 liters/hour). It was installed on the periphery of the site in order to protect the adjacent areas (residents, the park, etc.).

The odor neutralizing reagent used is a water-soluble mixture of natural and synthetic essential oils that ensures a reduction in odor concentrations of about 60 to 95%.

It is diluted with water (concentration = 0.1%) and its spraying does not present any danger for the actors of the site and the residents.

This treatment allowed to control the olfactory nuisances during the entire period of decontamination works.