Waste Recycling Center in the Centre Val de Loire Region

1 December 2023

Year: 2023

Site: Waste recycling center in the Centre Val de Loire region

Odor treatment: Odor neutralization of the waste reception building: installation of a U300 and a VS 200 P equipped with 2 fans.

U300 spray unit:

U300 spray unit installation in order to reduce odors from the waste reception pit. The 3 spray heads are distributed over all the docks, neutralizing odors emitted during waste unloading and storage.

– VS200P dry-steam cabinet (2 nozzles) with 2 fans

Vaporization of an odor-neutralizing reagent at a low flow rate (approximately 100 ml/h), adapted to the encountered odor, ensures total control of olfactory nuisances. The engineering solution consists of one VS200 P dry-steam cabinet feeding 2 nozzles. The reagent is diffused by 2 fans of 6,700 m3/h to treat stale air at source, saturating the building.