Composting Platform in the Grand-Est Region

Year: 2021

Odor Treatment :

  • Installation of a high-pressure spraying ramp in order to treat 2 main sources of odors emitted by the platform.
  • Windrow fermentation area: 70 meters of a high-pressure ramp
  • Runoff water storage lagoons: 125 meters of a high-pressure ramp

Windrow fermentation area:

  • Installation of a ramp at a height of about 3 meters. The spray nozzles are placed at 1.5 m intervals and create an odor barrier. Runoff water storage lagoons: we surrounded the perimeter of these 2 lagoons. A 125- meter ramp was installed at a height of about 80 cm (extension of the lagoon slope).
  • Odor neutralizing reagent spraying allows to treat the odor nuisance at its source.